Looking Back

January 9th, 2014

This year I got to explore Oahu with a fresh set of eyes. I still feel quite new to this city, but I am excited to have begun to delve into  communities and meet people around the island. There is no better education than that of the daily news cycle.

Here are a few photos that have stood out to me from their experience in addition to their aesthetic.

Artificial Aloha web

I encountered this man on June 6, 2013 in Chinatown while searching for wild art. His shirt really struck me. I think it really says a lot about the next generation of people in Hawaii. There is a modern twist melding together with traditions of Aloha into a really interesting and creative society.

CTY chopper down 2 web

This was one of my first significant breaking news assignments on May 8, 2013 at the paper. I was a few blocks away and got the call to head over to the Fort Street Mall at Beretania where a chopper had gone down. Your heart races (especially when you don't know where anything is), I parked my car and ran about 5 blocks to the scene and immediately transmitted a photo. Luckily the pilot and passenger walked away from this one.

CTY samesexfri 099 web

From across the way I heard the faint sounds of "what are you doing for thanksgiving?" between these two women. In a room filled with thick tension, I saw this soft dialogue and had to know what the story was. Jenilea Heath, left, of Kahuku talks with her cousin Dee McShane of Waianae across the separation line at the State Capitol on Friday, Novemer 8, 2013 while hundreds demonstrated during the legislative vote on Same Sex Marraige. Heath said she and her cousin, "respect each other completely," and McShane replied, "because that is the aloha spirit." 

FTR pupukea 00 web

I got the chance to spend a few hours shooting and talking story with Albert and Elissa Yellin. These are the kinds of assignments I really cherish. I like the time I am able to spend and get to know people and the visual space to explore something new. For this photo I let them know that I was just checking my settings and they were taking a moment to themselves after a long afternoon entertaining us journalists at their home in Pupukea. The in between moments can be really interesting. Think about how you feel when you just turn off for a moment. This is a moment I really appreciate in my photography.

SPT cheer 10 web

Ever since I went to a presentation by Joachim Ladefoged of VII, I have never quite seen sports in the same way. He told a story about being hired to shoot a major golf tournament and only brought a 50mm lens because he'd never shot golf before and didn't know any better. He still made amazing images. He has also done a series with cheerleaders and I was thinking of him when I made this photo of 808 Cheer performing at the Hawaii High School Athletic Association (HHSA) Cheerleading State Championship at the Blaisdell Area Center on November 16,2013.

SSC Hokuao 17 web

I was given the opportunity to go to Maui for a special neighbor islands section earlier this year. I met with Hokuao and Alana Pelligrino at their home in Waikapu with their 6-month-old daughter Kawaihua. They are doing really important work in Na Wai Eha, teaching about cultivating land, traditions and hard work. Hokuao has also led a charge on restoring stream flow. Read the full story by Nanea Kalani at staradvertiser.com.


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