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October 27th, 2013

I love to tell people's stories. It's my number one favorite part of the job.

When the turn to multimedia came to my feet in 2007, I remember a mentor saying, you either go with technology or you get off the ride. I am a traditionalist by nature, but I saw a chance to add another dynamic element to my work. So I embraced the idea of multimedia and took a number of NPPA workshops from great photojournalists like Will Yurman,  Meredith Birkett at NPPA's Multimedia Immersion and Brian Storm of Mediastorm. It's been an exciting (and scary) time to be a young photojournalist, but now video is another tool in the belt to many of us.

Here at the Star-Advertiser I am fitting multimedia projects in whenever I can set aside a few hours. You can watch "Nose to the Needle," below, which highlights a local female tattooist. Also find links below to more multimedia that I've been working on. And if you have any great stories in mind- an extraordinary neighbor; an unusual new idea you're exploring; a community event that's really visual- let me know! Maybe it could be my next project.

[youtube jFvwmoT2ioQ nolink]

Nose to the Needle:

Female Tattooist, Megan Jones talks about her work

Also check out these videos:

Hawaii 5-0's Season Premiere:

Experience the Season 4 red carpet at Waikiki's Sunset on the Beach

A Conversation with Leona Kalima:

Better understand the Hawaiian Homestead land issue with reporter Rob Perez

Legends of the Koolau:

Tour of Kaneohe Bay with stories told by Mahealani Cypher

Youth Fire Knife Dance:

See a Palama after-school program's training in the traditional art of Fire Knife

Bruddah Iz Medley by Royal Hawaiian Band:

Hear what brought about this new medley from director Clarke Bright

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